When Raw Food Isn’t Enough


Eating a great deal of fresh foods is a superb addition to our lives and it can certainly transform them as many people have enthusiastically documented. However I feel it’s limiting to believe that a particular diet alone is enough to make us truly healthy: our thoughts, lifestyles, jobs and a whole host of other aspects come into play. I personally don’t like to be defined only by what I eat as I am so much more than that.

Below you’ll find friends of Soar On Raw, people whose work and words complement the raw food lifestyle in their own unique ways. I have provided their websites in the event that they pique your interest and you wish to explore more. There will be others added to this list from time to time. This list does not include organic health shops as they can be found in other parts of the Soar on Raw site.


Olivia Zachariades

Olivia has worked in the field of complementary medicine for over thirty years and has been a pioneer in many new fields in Cyprus, including acupuncture, Andean Mysticism, shamanism, Hellinger systemic constellations and Australian Bush Flower Remedies. She is also co-founder of Chalice Earth Centre, a holistic hub, in Nicosia. For her workshops and more information: www.chaliceearth.com

Aris Notis

Ari runs the online health magazine, Prosopiki Evexia, in Greek, which features articles, interviews and information on all aspects of personal health: spiritual, physical, financial and emotional. You can also find my seasonal raw food recipes which Ari kindly translates into Greek every month. To subscribe: www.prosopikievexia.blogspot.com/

Healthy Healing Cyprus
Caroline Carter has worked in the field of natural medicine for 22 years in various parts of the world and currently runs a clinic in Paphos that offers a range of holistic therapies, amongst them Ozone Therapy, Organ Cleansing and Live Blood Analysis. For more detail: www.healthyhealingcy.com

Cyprus Tai Chi

Very possibly the first Tai Chi master in Cyprus, Master Vasilious Firippis is an expert in various martial arts but focussing on the original Yang style form of Tai Chi and paying homage to the lineage. For information and timetable of classes and workshops:


Fragrant Planet

Sue Worwood runs Fragrant Planet from Dherynia and stocks the largest range of pure essential oils on the island as well as lovingly crafting a range of beautiful aromatherapy products. She is a clinical aromatherapist. To see the range and learn more: www.fragrantplanetshop.com

Gaia Wellness Center

The Gaia Center has a health food cafe, shop, wellness library, therapy room, workshop space, meeting room and more.
In the therapy room, relaxing massages are offered. The workshops space is used for meditations, yoga classes and many more activities. The meeting room can be booked for spiritual readings, counselling sessions and all things that help people progress and grow. Hatzy Joyce is greatly involved and you can learn more more at: www.gaiacyprus.com

Zogonos Holistic Health Centre

Marina’s Zogonos Holistic Health Centre offers a very gentle approach to colon cleansing and digestive health through colon hydrotherapy alongside her equally gentle Ayurveda Yoga sessions in Larnaca. The classes emphasise rejuvenation and balance to calm and energise the mind and improve physical movement. For more information and classes, please visit: www.zogonosholisticcentre.com

Feed The People

Feed The people is a community project by the people for the people to promote the cultivation of healthy, organic, fresh produce to provide good nutrition for all. Their mission is to promote a diverse, sustainable and organic local food system for Paphos in particular and Cyprus in general. A person who gives a great deal of herself to this project is Annelie Meiring Roux. To find out more:

Ayurveda Botanical Center

Raw Journeys intially brought superfoods to Cyprus in 2005 but to focus on other aspects of raw food, Raw Journeys let go of importing superfoods a few years ago. Ayurveda Botanicals have stepped in to fill the void so now we can get our plentiful stocks of organic cacao, gojis berries, MSM, lucuma and other powerful foods. Email: ayurveda.cyprus@gmail.com for their full range.

Larnaca Parents Network
Larnaca Parents Network is dedicated to facilitating parents and carers for their babies, children or teenagers. They also organise and promote activities that they feel will benefit families in the Larnaca area, be it recreational or educational. Run by Sharon McKinley with articles by Paula Manoli-Grey. For full details: www.larnacaparentsnetwork.com


The Mother Magazine

An international magazine available online or printed with readers in over 40 countries. Every aspect of natural parenting is explored, from conscious conception, peaceful pregnancy, gentle childbirth, full term breastfeeding, natural immunity, attachment parenting and the first few years of childhood, through to education, parenting teenagers and parenting one’s self. My recipes are also featured.
To learn more or subscribe: http://www.themothermagazine.co.uk/

Eco Earth Foods
Eco Earth foods is a newly formed UK based, non-profit organisation dedicated to improving people’s health. 100% of profits made are used to help and support those in need as well as supporting eco, health and holistic based charity projects. The site aims to offer quality books and DVDs, organic foods, superfoods, health related, natural and sustainable products. Run by Dandy and Steve Christofi.
To learn more: www.ecoearthfoods.org

Iemanja's Jucie
The Raw Greek

Through simple ingredients and delicious food, the Raw Greek run by Gina Panayi, hopes to show people that food in its raw state can still be enjoyed and just as tasty – and the book with the very same name demonstrates this. The Raw Greek e-shop sells products which are difficult to find in the average supermarket and are a valuable addition to a healthy diet. Full details: www.therawgreek.com

Cypriot Bloggers

Furious Curious Cancer Survivor

Written by Ersie Courea, this blog is by a breast cancer survivor who did not resort to chemotherapy. You can read her blog, which does bring in raw food amongst other musings, as well as her journey at: www.furiouscuriouscancersurvivor.wordpress.com

Georgie’s Mummy

This blog is by journalist Eleni Antoniou who chose to quit her job as a feature journalist for a Cypriot newspaper and dedicate herself to raising her son. She also dabbles in photography and you can read her mummy musings at: www.georgiesmummy.com

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