‘Soar on Raw!’ Recipe Book


Beautiful. Divine. Rawcous!

Possibly a publishing first for both the cooked and the raw food world, ‘Soar or Raw!’ is a ground-breaking (and sky-breaking too if you consider  ‘Thor’s Raw Thunderbolt’) book.  Erini has created 100 unique recipes, each delightfully embroidered with a god or goddess from World Mythology.

At 196 pages, the book is also brimming with beautifully luscious photography, advice, tips, nutritional information, a weekly menu, buffet ideas and shopping lists to help you along.

In Erini’s own words, ‘These are the tasty and quick recipes that restored my vitality and figure after gaining 30 kilos in successive pregnancies.’

‘Soar On Raw!’ is a book that will be adored by those who love healthy eating, even if they don’t follow the raw food lifestyle.

Here is a summary of contents so you know what treasures await:

  • Introduction
  • The 100 Raw Food Mythology Recipes (Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Asia, Australia, Polynesia, Africa, Caribbean, the Americas, North Europe)
  • Spinning the Recipes
  • Menu Planners (weekly menu, shopping list, buffet & children’s party ideas)
  • Raw Food Cyprus
  • Bibliography/Index

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Author: Erini Loucaides

Type:  Paperback, 196 pp, full colour , 150 pictures, 22cm X 22cm

Price: 19.95 euro

ISBN: 9 -789963 -745401

Publisher: Raw Journeys