Author Erini Loucaides

Erini L., Author of Soar on Raw!

Published Work and Writing Achievements:

*    2019:  commissioned to write a critique for a 2020 Cypriot book on

diary writing

  • 2019  : Longlisted for FISH prize.
  • 2018: Shorltisted for the Fresher Anthology by University of Bournemouth for novel opening selected by UK’s literary agent of 2018, Madeleine Milburn
  • 2018: short story, Serpentine Placenta, published in Cyprus’ first fantasy anthology
  • 2018: poem, Coffee Blood, published in European University’s Literary Journal, Cadences
  •  2013 – 2016   ‘The Mother Magazine’  regular column, showcasing her Raw Food Mythology recipes to subscribers in 40 countries.
  • 2012 – 2015  monthly  column in the online Greek magazine ‘Prosopiki Evexia’, providing seasonal raw recipes every month.

       * 2013 – SOAR ON RAW!  published.  A recipe book that entwines over

100 deities from World Mythology with vibrat vegetarian ingredients.

This concept may well be a publishing first for the cookbook world.

1988: Distinction for Young Writer of the Year  Short Story Comp by

The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia