…and here’s a Delightful Summer Drink Courtesy of Iemanja!


Hello friends of Soar!  Welcome to the world of Raw Food Mythology and the food that comprises 80% of my diet  – and even more in summer.  Speaking of which,  with sassy Summer in full, swimming swing (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), here’s a perky peek inside Soar on Raw! There is no better way than by  splashing Iemanja’s Juice on here,  so, without further ado and adon’t,   here is the cooling and refreshing Iemanja….




I love the way this Yoruban goddess’ name rolls off the tongue like soft, lapping waves….Iemanja…Iemanja…  She is adored amongst the people of Brazil and the Caribbean with beautiful floral festivals held in her honour at the seashore –for she is very much a mother goddess of the ocean.  The watermelon, coconut and seaweed bring forth Iemanja’s sweet and salty Oceania.

 Like the goddess, the watermelon is native to Africa but has spread far and is enjoyed in many other parts of the world. If, like me, you are one of those that nibble away at the sweet middle bit, you can always argue that you need it for brain food  as the glucose  sharpens concentration. Watermelon is also the fruit with the highest source of iron – as much as spinach. The white rind and pips are believed to be sex tonics so  toss these into your blender and tell your guests to form an orderly queue.

 I find coconut water to be miraculous: not only is it flooded with electrolytes and acts as a super breast milk substitute for when a mother has difficulty breastfeeding, but its make up is almost identical to human blood plasma and can be used as an emergency intravenous drip!



1 cup watermelon cut up in chunks

1 orange

1/2 cup coconut water

1 teaspoon seaweed flakes or kelp (optional)



If you are using a professional juicer, add the watermelon and orange and juice both fruits.


If you are using a blender make the fruit juice by adding the watermelon and orange and blend well.  Strain with a mesh cloth or nut mylk bag.


Pour the coconut water into two tall glasses.  With a spoon, stir in the fruit juice.


If you are using kelp powder, add in now, stirring fervently so that it is mixed in well.  If you are using small sea weed flakes, just sprinkle them on top.






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