Book Reviews – Soar on Raw!

Soar On Raw! REVIEWS:

“I received your beautiful book yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed sitting reading it for a few hours last night.  Your book is one of the best raw food ones I’ve ever come across. Well done. I particularly loved your writing style and gentle humour which was consistent throughout. :-)”

Veronika Robinson
Editor and publisher of The Mother Magazine, U.K.

“Beautifully produced…for the reader it’s fascinating to learn not just the recipe and the healthy properties of the ingredients, but also a little about the deity behind the dish.”

Alix Norman
Sunday Mail

“The combination of Mythology and Mother Nature make this book an original and inspirational read before you’ve even picked up a knife and chopping board. These simple yet delectable recipes will encourage and enchant even the busiest of people to try them.”

Gina Panayi
Author of  ‘The Raw Greek, U.K

“Ready to conquer the world of  Raw Food lovers.”

Lena Tsoukala
Journalist and Food & Beauty editor, Phileleftheros National Newspaper, Cyprus

“Impressive book…a gifted writer! The introduction to the book is a masterpiece!”

Charalambos Theopemptou
Former Commissioner for the Environment and current lecturer at Cyprus University of Technology

“Erini has poured all her passionate, effusive wild self into creating this banquet of raw delights.  Blessed by the gods and beautiful to the eye, all her recipes are inspiring and delicious for us mere mortals.  I applaud Erini’s dedication, her humour and wisdom.”

Olivia Zachariades
Co-Founder & Therapist at Chalice Earth, Nicosia

”I really think Erini has mastered a stroke of genius with the theme and writing in addition to recipes. I have no doubt that this book will end up on a best seller’s list in no time, there is no way it is going to stay a small self-published book from Cyprus.”

Paula Manoli-Gray
Journalist, Cyprus Weekly

“This is a really amazing book. It’s a coffee table photography book, it’s a rawsome recipe book, it’s a bright and beautiful journey around the world in 99 Myths and it’s a seductive introduction to the wonderfully healthy world of raw food… cuisine. And to crown it all the writing style is highly entertaining. I was so excited to receive my copy that I whipped it out at the couriers for a sneak peek. I got so engrossed that 10 minutes later I felt a bit stupid when I realized I was still standing there, oblivious to the world around me. Erini Loucaides has created a work of art that will feed the soul as well as the belly.

Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a copy.”

Annelie Meiring Roux
Swimming Instructor and Charity Worker, Paphos, Cyprus

“I’ve had your book for a few days now and all of the family have enjoyed soaring on raw after many a meal or snack. Fabulous! I love the way you write – the book is so readable and each recipe is easy to follow. We have not been eating raw for long and I didn’t have any inspiration or much knowledge, now I have. The snacks and drinks have been particularly useful to me – so glad I don’t have to buy a juicer!!! Thank you.”

Helen Kaccoufa
Teacher/Housewife, Mosfiloti, Cyprus

“Lovely book, beautifully presented. Scrummy dishes.”

Caroline Carter
Healthy Healing,  Paphos , Cyprus

“What a great book filled with some wonderful recipes.”

Vasilious Firippis
Cyprus Tai-Chi & Quigong, Cyprus

“Such a beautiful book.”

Kassiani Neophytou
Larnaca, Cyprus