Raw Food Mythology

  The Sphynx stared down at me, eyes of pulsing, Theban dust and the vortex voice pronounced: So, you are faced with Challenge.  Do you think you can create one hundred, powerfully nutritious, raw recipes?  I thought I was ready … read more

Find out….

  Which god has vegetables growing from his face and hands?  What body part of a deity was lopped off to form the almond tree?   Which super plant keeps African god Chango sexy?   What secret ingredients does Poseidon swish  in … read more

Had Too Much Cooked Food ?

Last night I enjoyed more cooked food than I normally do and, as a consequence, I didn’t wake up with my usual Get-Up-and Go-Raw Glow.  What to do? Ahhhh…this is where Hebe, Divine Cup-Bearer to the Greek Gods of Olympus comes to … read more

Welcome from Erini

 Thank you for coming here to find out more about ‘Soar on Raw!’ – a recipe book with a divine twist!   There will be frequent updates, pictures and widgets to give you  little tasters before buying the book.  Stay attuned as … read more