HAPPY 2nd Birthday SOAR ON RAW!

Awww…two years ago today I saw my book in proper, hold-it-in-your-hand-flick-through-the-glossy-pages form. And having boxes and boxes of that was quite an experience – but very moving too after 5 years of writing, creating, tasting, photographing (quick, the kids are asleep!) and editing.

soar  book shelf 1 a

It’s a unique book precisely because it doesn’t bleat on about what you shouldn’t eat, but rather, focuses on the sublime, sensual beauty of raw eating. Each recipe has been inspired by a tale or legend from world mythology so it’s a book that has been well-researched giving you a story with every raw creation as well as listing the nutritional benefits of the recipes.

Bookshops around Cyprus and UK have embraced SOAR ON RAW since its birth and it’s great to see it stocked in prominent positions too! Just yesterday, I popped into Academic & General in Larnaca and there it was, as soon as you walked in, right next to some very well-known chefs. Thank you to Andrew from Academic & General!

To celebrate, you’ll find SOAR ON RAW lowered to 15.95 euro when you order direct from this site or email kissearth@hotmail.com. After July 31st, the price will go back to 19.95 euro. Summer is also a supreme time to enjoy the divine salads, smoothies and meals you’ll find inside so take advantage of this reduced price.

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And thank you to all the other stores, the media and of course all the people who have a copy of the book on their shelves, either reclining or standing to attention. MWA!

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