Oh Autumn Welcome – and well you’ve come!!

Autumn has just landed with a drenching crash here in Cyprus  –  and  I still have delicious rain dripping from my head as I type.  Nothing like a fervent rain dance to welcome Autumn. Being my favourite season, here is a drink from my book to celebrate Autumn’s magic and of course, Dionysus’ richness!     



How to begin an introduction for a god responsible for so much? Lusty revelry and ecstatic frenzy are held in Dionysus’ honour against a backdrop of  beckoning grapes and silver-tongued flutes.

Dionysus is always in robust health and ready for raucous delights and it doesn’t take a microbiologist to know that this is due to the grape concoctions he worships, dark ones in particular. Red and purple grapes are warriors against invading viruses and their resveratol content may actually awaken enzymes that cleanse the liver. Hmmm…drink for thought there.

For a deeper Dionysian experience, there is the option of adding wine as technically it is fermented therefore raw, but otherwise Dionysus’ Autumn Rust can be savoured with the glory of red and purple grapes making merry with fennel, a herb envined with Dionysus.

dionysus fixed (400x308)



1 cup red grapes

1 cup purple grapes

1/3 cup raisins or 2 dried figs  soaked for at least 5 minutes.

1 tablespoon fennel seeds  (reserve a few for decoration)

Juice the grapes, raisins and fennel seeds together. You may wish to dilute the juice with 50 ml (1.75 fl oz) of water if you do not wish for it to be too sweet.

If you are adding a touch of red wine, pour it into the juice now.

Pour the juice into wine glasses or clay cups. Sprinkle a couple of fennel seeds into each drink.


Serving Tip: Indulge in this heady grape sensation while listening to Type o Negative’s Wolf Moon from October Rust. This one’s for you Petrus.




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