Pomegranates, Punicalagins and Sexy Power!




Underworld meets Upperworld in this punch, emulating Persephone’s life; her ‘capture’ into the lower realms by Hades is one of the most captivating and well-known Greek myths. Persephone’s consumption of a few pomegranate seeds is the reason for her return to the Underworld during certain months of the year.

The Underworld is sometimes seen as a dark, damp and frightening region, but we mustn’t forget it is where conception begins and where root vegetables like carrots thrive and retreating to the Underworld can often bring us clarity and power. Representing the world above are pomegranates whose strong flavonoid content trebles that of red grapes and green tea. The colourfully-titled punicalagins are found only in pomegranates; these compounds are little deities unto themselves, particularly for the heart.

My guess is the reason this fruit found its way down to Hades is because the juice of its ruby gems increases serotonin which makes us feel good, even in darkness. Just between us, I think Persephone relishes fleeing to Hades for a bit of dark seduction. We know her mother Demeter is instrumental in trees and crops bearing fruit but I gather ‘Mama Meter’ can be more than a little over-bearing.

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