‘SOAR ON RAW!’ in the Media

Soar On Raw! is only  7 weeks old, but it has already been garnering extremely favourable praise not only from the public, but from food editors and even journalists from abroad – in fact  as of November 2013, I will have my own regular column for ‘The Mother’, a magazine with subscribers in over 40 countries!   Here’s a list of what’s been happening with ‘Soar!’ and the media:




* July 8th – Soar on Raw!  is born

* Photo shoot with food editor Lena Tsoukala and photographer Antonis G. Antoniou from Phileleftheros national newspaper. Three of my recipes are shot for Chryses Syntages magazine, September issue



* ‘The Mother’ Magazine gives ‘Soar’ a glowing review  with editor/publisher Veronika Robinson stating that it is ‘one of the best raw food books’ she has ever come across.  As a result, I  will have my own regular column in the magazine, showcasing the Raw Food Mythology recipe to readers in 40 countries.

* CyBC Channel 2 radio – Chat with Rosie Charalambous about the book

*Interview with Alix Norman from the Sunday Mail for the September 1st issue of the newspaper.



* Cosmopolitan Cyprus features Soar On Raw! as its book of the month

* Sunday Mail features the book and an interview with me in the  1st September paper

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