SOAR ON RAW with Delicious Truffles!

Snuggled by log fires, drinking fragrant beverages and surrendering to relaxation – that’s my wish for this season and I’m sure for quite a few of you too.

Of course there’s the pleasant bustle of Christmas activity and if, like me, you’re hosting the party, it can get hectic too. It is also a ripe time to enjoy those heady flavours of the season, and we can certainly enjoy cooked food without forgetting the delicious array of fresh Christmas cuisine.

Below you’ll find our SOAR ON RAW festive offer with truffle gifts running all the way until 7th January 2014. The book makes a beautiful gift for any lover of healthy food – or anyone looking to improve their health – with its gentle message, luscious photography, menu plan, shopping lists and of course, all those vibrant gods and goddesses offering 100 nutritious recipes: salads, meals, breads, biscuits, cakes, pies, smoothies and juices

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Copies of SOAR ON RAW are already being sent out as Christmas presents, whether it be people gifting themselves or their loved ones.

To thank you this season for choosing SOAR ON RAW, with every purchase of this mythological recipe book ordered directly from us, you receive three delicious cranberry-orange-cacao truffles.

Want a glimpse into the book? Click on the PREVIEW button on the right hand column and you’ll have instant access to the first 17 pages of this book that has been embraced by the public and media. You can also click on the REVIEWS section above to read what people are saying about SOAR ON RAW or the MEDIA page where you can see the different media outlets the book has been featured in – most recently with the TV camera crew from RIK. The episode on raw food and the book should air sometime in January.

For those of you who already own a copy of SOAR ON RAW try making these tasty treats this season:

Hestia’s Hearty Soup
Annapurna’s Plenty
Innana’s Transformation Cake
Odin’s Yule Log
Dagda’s Festive Pot

Orders can be placed online via or phone call (00357)99321948. The offer is also open internationally too.

Wishing you all the very best this holiday season and enjoyment of its wonders – including your fragrant Xmas truffles!


Erini L

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