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Annapurna’s Plenty

A great raw meal to bridge winter into Spring!

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If you have been feeling sluggish but love the idea of more raw food, try this spicy Indian meal as featured in Soar On Raw. Speaking of which, last month the book was shown on the RIK programme BIZ/Emeis on two occasions, bookshops around the island are already re-stocking copies and it made its way into Amazon stores, so it’s great to see people in Cyprus and around the world embracing the ideas, tastes and divinities in this mythological recipe book. For now, enjoy Annapurna, the Indian goddess of plenty!


This recipe is a perfect reflection of its Hindu patroness: Annapurna is a goddess-chef whose Sanskrit name means ‘food’ and ‘plenty’. Naturally her domain is the kitchen but it is nourishing food she wishes us to prepare. Appropriately, the aubergine (eggplant), takes centre stage here. Like Annapurna, it is of Indian origin and yes, it is eaten raw. In fact raw it provides us with a great deal of fibre which is so crucial for us because as fibre makes its way through our digestive tracts, it vacuums any undesirables it encounters. The spices not only impart heat but turmeric is believed to help with weight loss by disenabling the growth of fat cells while caraway seeds prevent bloating.

If there is one filling meal that kept me anchored to raw food when I would stray too far post-partum, this is it. If everyone around you is wolfing down lethargy-inducing cooked food come winter time, you know you can find nutritious satisfaction in Annapurna’s Plenty.


3/4 cup golden flax seeds finely ground
1 medium-sized aubergine peeled and cut into little cubes
5 okras thinly sliced cross section (optional)
½ onion chopped finely
4 sun-dried tomatoes cut into slivers
½ cup raw peas
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 level tablespoon garam masala
1 level tablespoon turmeric
1 teaspoon caraway seeds
1 teaspoon coriander seeds


Begin by cutting the aubergines first and in a bowl, coat them with 1 tablespoon olive oil. (You may wish to add a dash of salt to this to remove bitterness if you are new to eating raw eggplant). If you have time, set this aside for as long as 3 hours but even 15 minutes is fine while you prepare the rest of the ingredients.

Place the flax seeds in a large bowl and add 1 tablespoon olive oil, also ensuring they are coated well.

Add the okras, onion, peas, sun-dried tomatoes and the aubergines.

Coat them with the remaining tablespoon of olive oil.

Lastly, sprinkle in all three spices, using a spoon to make sure they are evenly spread around the meal.

Serving tip: You can dehydrate the meal by rolling the mixture into little balls or patties and placing them in the dehydrator for 2-4 hours at 48 degrees (118 F).
© Erini Loucaides Soar On Raw 2013